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In March of 2011 BurgerQuE started serving up burgers and BBQ in an old Checkers Double Drive Thru built in the early 1990’s. Once Checkers pulled out many restaurants tried to make a go of it at this seemingly difficult location. Over the next 20 years nobody could make it, until BurgerQuE turned it into a success. What’s the difference maker? That’s easy, the food is amazing and the prices are fair. Tim Mankin, the creator of BurgerQuE spent a majority of his life in and around the restaurant business. His great aunt & uncle owned a restaurant called Tasty Burger around the time Tim was born; maybe the trips to the kitchen of that restaurant at a very young age influenced his burger mastery. If that wasn’t enough of a great burger start, Tim’s parents Randy and Linda Mankin bought an old burger place called Corky’s Drive In when Tim was a teenager. He’s been cooking up a storm ever since.


BurgerQuE has won awards for best burgers and best BBQ over the few years it’s been open and has stellar reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. How do we do it? Hand pattied burgers and fresh ingredients in our hamburgers and fantastic house smoked BBQ that has local BBQ enthusiasts excited about having a great BBQ restaurant in Fort Myers as well as innovative burger BBQ sandwich choices that makes you say Burger WhAAAAAT?.


Tim did a lot of research and development coming up with his BBQ techniques, he even traveled the country looking for the best barbeque he could find, and incorporated a little of the best of what he found into our secret rubs and sauces.


The addition of the BeerGarden in August of 2013 brought beer into the BurgerQuE equation. Burgers, BBQ and Beer now that's a trifecta made in restaurant heaven! With over 35 beers to choose from beer lovers have praised our beer list and the atmosphere of the BeerGarden makes for one of the best little hideaway spots in Fort Myers.


With all this success it was hard not to grow, so in June of 2014 Mankin sought out another tough challenge. Acquiring the old Burger King on Mcgregor, which had been a restaurant graveyard since the departure of Burger King, BurgerQuE has once again set out to show that the concept is really simple, put the best quality food on the table by the friendliest staff around and BurgerQuE can be a success anywhere!





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